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The GCMSA welcomes eligible Upstate South Carolina physicians and physicians’ spouses to join our organization. This includes any physician or physician-in-training who is eligible for membership in the Greenville County Medical Society, their spouse or divorced spouse, or their widow or widower (provided that the person has not remarried outside of the medical profession). 

A County membership is required to join our organization. We also encourage including a State membership with South Carolina Medical Association Alliance (SCMAA). The GCMSA no longer accepts dues for the American Medical Association Alliance (AMAA), as their fiscal year runs January through December. You may join the National Alliance separately by visiting the AMA Alliance website.

Please choose the appropriate Membership link below. To join and pay by cash or check, click HERE to print a paper membership form.

Choose Membership Type
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Welcome back and thank you for renewing your current membership for another Alliance year. 




Honorary status is awarded to a regular member who has held regular membership in the Alliance for a period of not less than 35 years, including ten consecutive years immediately prior to her/his 65th birthday. Dues are covered by our organization.

No Fee

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New to the Alliance? We're happy to have you! If you are a physician family with a member working or training in Greenville County, you may be eligible for a discounted membership. 


The GCMSA is dedicated to promoting better health, ensuring sound health legislation and raising funds for medical education. We understand the unique challenges that accompany life in a medical family. Alliance members from all over the Upstate gather for meetings to build lifelong friendships and offer support. You make valuable connections with Alliance members of different ages, ethnicities, religions and opinions. The Alliance has opportunities to enhance your leadership skills and nourish your personal growth. And all our fundraisers and events support charities with programs that support the health and wellness of our community.


Our membership year runs from June through May, with meetings usually monthly from September to May. Digital newsletters are sent monthly at a minimum, with an occasional newsletter mailing. Our annual yearbook is mailed in the fall with a listing of all meetings, programs and events (subject to change), as well as a Directory that includes all members and their contact information. Regular County membership is $40 per year.


We also encourage our members to join the South Carolina Medical Association Alliance (SCMAA). This additional $35 State membership is very important in helping to show support for our physicians with South Carolina legislators. Join other Alliance members throughout the state who strive to protect the future of medicine through legislative advocacy. In fact, the Alliance often speaks louder and clearer to legislators than our busy spouses!

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