Creativity Kits for Kids is an initiative aimed to support children experiencing anxiety by providing them a portable kit of tools and activities that promote creativity. The assembled kits will be distributed to organizations in Greenville County that serve at-risk children or children who would not otherwise have access to creativity tools of their own.

It has long been known that children across all demographics experience anxiety for a variety of reasons. Recent events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic have revealed that, much like the virus, anxiety does not discriminate across racial or socioeconomic lines. It is random in onset and unpredictable in the way it presents. However, it has also long been known that having a creative outlet can be calming and confidence-building in people of all ages. Children are innately creative and imaginative. When given easy-to-use tools and minimal guidance, they can momentarily escape their pressing worries. Further, tangible results of their creative endeavors (drawings, sculptures, story-writing, etc.) give them an immediate boost in confidence that carries throughout other activities. “Look what I did!” is an exciting statement to hear from any child. Additionally, creative projects often provide children an opportunity to express their emotions safely. Their artwork and creative expressions are a useful starting point for caregivers to understand a child’s concerns and struggles and have meaningful conversations.

It is our hope that the organizations that distribute the kits to their child patrons will have an opportunity to use or reference the tools and creative projects that result from it to better serve these children.


March 26, 2022


2:00 PM


Stonebrook Farm Clubhouse

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By initiating the project and publicizing it to our membership and the community, we will raise awareness about the rise of childhood anxiety in our community and inform others of a solution.

Our goal is that the recipients of the Creativity Kits will experience a reduction in their levels of anxiety, an increase in self-confidence, and assurance that there are people in the community who care deeply about their well-being. 

Kits are aimed to serve children ages 6-12 and
will include supplies such as:

  • Creative writing implements

  • Mixed media notepad

  • Therapy dough

  • Fidget toy

  • Blank journal

  • Blank notecards and envelopes

  • Stickers

  • Glue stick / double-sided tape

  • Activity idea cards 

  • Wikki-Sticks - twistable wax sticks

  • Uplifting note to inspire confidence & creativity

  • The kit will come in a reusable knapsack