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#SHAREABOOK - Book Drive

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

In February 2022, the Greenville County Medical Society Alliance (GCMSA) launched a campaign called #ShareABook. The initiative was essentially a book collection drive, allowing GCMSA members to share books with each other and donate books to local non-profit organizations.

GCMSA’s #ShareABook initiative was inspired by 2021-2022 American Medical Association Alliance (AMAA) President Heather Rifkin’s “Escape in a Book” challenge. Rifkin challenged Alliances nationwide to collect and donate books to charities, doctor offices, libraries, shelters, and to give books as gifts to others as an act of encouragement and gesture of self-care.

GCMSA promoted the #ShareABook initiative through their social media channels and word of mouth. GCMSA also secured a grant for the project through the AMAA’s Health Promotion Policy Grant (HPPG) program. Funds from the grant were used to create gift baskets that were raffled to members during business meetings. Ticket sales from the raffles were then used to purchase 30 children’s sensory books that were donated to Upstate children as part of the GCMSA’s Creativity Kits for Kids project.

Through generous donations from members and a very successful book drive held by First Presbyterian Academy—Shannon Forest, GCMSA collected around 1,200 books!

The GCMSA #ShareABook initiative enabled the following area organizations to receive

donated books: Goodwill Industries, Greenville Literacy Association, McCall Hospice House, The Meyer Center, Miracle Hill, Pendleton Place, Ronald McDonald House, Safe Harbor, Serenity Place, Skyland Elementary, Warriors Once Again, YouthBase, and various “little libraries” in the Greenville area.

“This project really exceeded our expectations,” said former GCMSA President Shanna Walker. “I think a lot of people were eager to see their books go on to new places and bring joy to other people. To be able to connect those books with organizations that could put them to good use was such a blessing. Truly a win-win for everyone involved.”


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